Thursday, July 18, 2013

3 Months

I'm a little behind. I swear there aren't enough hours in the day anymore. But I am loving being a mom! It is the best job ever. So let me rewind and give you Draek's 2 month stats.

2 Months
12 lb. 5 oz. (75%)
25 in. long (100+%)
Holding his head up really good
Loves being outside
Loves baths
Not a fan of the pacifier
Doesn't like naps
Has the cutest smile :)

3 Months
Between 13-14 lb.
26 in. long
Loves his jumper
Will not take a pacifier
Loves outside 
Loves going on runs with Mom
Is officially in 3-6 month clothes
Is totally a Momma's boy (but I can't really complain about that)
Likes dogs, especially Grandma Larsen's dog Sparkles
Loves singing primary songs with Mom

He sure knows how to get sympathy from Grandma :)

As for me, I've been keeping busy. My sister Kelcie and I ran the ColorRun 5k in Rexburg over the 4th of July weekend and had so much fun! We ran it in about 35 minutes which was under our goal of 45 and got nice and colorful along the way. Yay us!

It was great to get back and start running again. I'm training up for a 10k in September and a half marathon in November. I'm giving myself lots of time to train and work up to it :) But I'm way excited to have found a good hobby. Oh and I'm SO grateful for a husband who woke up early on a Saturday, drove to Rexburg, and took care of Draek so I could run. He's the best!

We're just feeling so grateful to be parents to such a cute and (mostly) happy little boy. He sure keeps us busy and we are so blessed!

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  1. How cute! He sure looks like a Larsen boy. I was a little confused when you said "Grandma Larsen's dog" because I was thinking about my kids' Grandma Larsen. Ha!